Local Woman Plans to Provide Eye Care in Ghana 

A local woman is planning to travel to the African country of Ghana this summer, to help the folks there see the world more clearly.Cheryl Turner is a Certified Optometrist Assistant in Bangor, and will be part of a mission to provide eye care for the folks there.”I love what I do and I’ve always wanted to do something like this, and I went to a conference last year and found out about the opportunity.”So Cheryl went to Ghana last year, helping to perform eye exams and surgeries.She admits it was a culture shock, but it ended up being such a rewarding experience she’s going back.This time, Cheryl is linking up with an organization called Unite for Sight. She’ll work in small villages and a refugee camp in Ghana where eye care is desperately needed.”A lot of times, people over there are blind and have never even been to an eye doctor, and when they’re blind, one of their children basically has to take care of them, and then they can’t go to school”Cheryl says the lack of education keeps a lot of these families in a cycle of poverty. By treating their eye diseases, Cheryl and her team hope to break that cycle, but she needs a little help to get there. She has to raise 4500 dollars before she leaves in July. That will pay for travel expenses, and cataract surgeries that many people in Ghana simply can’t afford.She’ll spend two weeks in the African country, doing a lot of good, and getting something in return.”This time when I go, I kind of feel like I’ll be going home because the people there, they’re just so nice and they’re warm and they’re very welcoming and they appreciate everything you do.”Cheryl is holding a Spaghetti Dinner this Saturday, to help raise money for her trip.It will be held at the Hampden V.F.W. Hall from 4:30 to 6:30.Tickets are $5.Cheryl also has set up a website to explain more about her trip and fundraising.