Lincoln Potholes 

It’s rough riding out there on many of Maine’s roadways.It is peak pothole season, and there’s a certain stretch of route 2 in lincoln that’s in particularly poor shape.”It’s our main artery in our town. It’s heavily trafficked. The truck traffic is huge, here in Lincoln. And when you drive over the road, you are always thinking ‘why haven’t they fixed this road?'”Folks travelling along West Broadway in Lincoln have had a bit of a bumpy ride, as of late.”From the railroad tracks South to the intersection at McDonalds.” “It’s become very treacherous and dangerous for the vehicles because people that are driving South are pulling over in to the other lane to try to avoid damage to the car.”Lincoln town manager, Lisa Goodwin, says folks have been complaining to her about that road for years. “First of all, the road is in Lincoln, so they think it’s our road but it’s actually the state’s responsibility. And they come to us and want us to fix the road and pay for the repairs to their vehicles.””That section of roadway should be rebuilt. State has done some patch work up there, but evidently, it’s not holding. There needs to be some more catch basins installed and more crown to the road.”Public works director, David Lloyd, says the problem stems from poor drainage in the area.Maine Department of Transportaion spokesperson, Mark Lattie says that Lincoln is a candidate for funding, in the D.O.T.’s 2-year plan, but that nothing is definite. He says If the plan is approved, the earliest the repairs would be started would be this fall.While the work will admittedly take several months to complete, officials say, if approved the wait will be well worth it.”Lincoln is a service center. We have people coming from all over. And it just paints a really bad picture when people come in to town, and they have to ride over these rough roads. Why do they want to come back?”