Holden Town Hall moves. 

It’s spent the last hundred and thirty-seven years sitting on the side of route 1-A..But because of a new business moving in to town, the old Holden Town Hall is doing some moving of its own.Cori Skall explains.”The building is very solid. Minor sill damage, rot to it. But the building is basically very, very solid.”Robert Harvey is a member of the Holden town council, and the president of the Holden Historical Society…”It’s been exciting! I’ve been here nearly every day that they’ve been working on it, taking photos and just seeing the whole operation and it’s very exciting to see it.”He says the town has spent many years trying to figure out what to do with the old town hall….”Originally built as a meeting hall in 1872, and dedicated in January of 1873….””We’ve worked for many years to try to provide solutions and uses…and the town council, we believe, now has done that. We’re moving the building, we’re going to place it on a foundation, and we’re going to develop ideas and develop issues for the building.”The move was inspired when Leadbetter’s proposed building a new store where the old Mobil station was on route 1-A.The Leadbetters wanted to tear the old building down, and build a new one, but they needed a spot for a new septic system.So they sat down with the town council, and came up with a plan.”They donated some land, we gave them an easement to some of our present property. We will move the building back. They’ll have an easement for a new septic system on this site, and provide visibility for their new facility.”The building isn’t going far.”We’ve been moving it back on to some property that we acquired through an agreement with Leadbetter’s, and we hope to provide a new home for this old historic building.”Cori Skall, WABI TV 5 News, Holden.