A Touch-up for Tall Paul 

The Paul Bunyan statue on Main Street has long been the most photographed site in Bangor. This year, a group of volunteers approached the city to make sure he stays camera ready.Every now and then the statue gets some fresh paint – but the Paul Bunyan Restoration Group says they want to give him the attention he deserves.”He’s not fancy – some people say he’s not even art,” says Bangor Mayor Gerry Palmer.But this symbol of the city of Bangor sure has many admirers.”We’re just getting together and doing this because we love Paul Bunyan,” says Jeanne Savoy.She came before a city committee Tuesday, asking if volunteers could give Mr. Bunyan a bit of a facelift for the statue’s 50th birthday this year.”Three or four artists from this area will volunteer to paint him, also, hopefully, someone will step up and volunteer the paint,” she says.They also want to fix his sometimes leaky boots, patch up the fiberglass on his legs, and have an engineer check inside to see that he’s still structurally sound. “One of the great things about Paul is he’s got a great smile on his face,” Palmer says.The missing hook to Paul’s peavey tool will also be put back in place.The last time the statue had a touch-up was about 10-years ago – also by volunteers.”We had a good, successful effort the last time this was done by this approach, and I think by the nature of the group and the attitude of the group I anticipate a successful effort this time,” says Tracy Willette, director of Parks and Recreation.The committee recommended the city give volunteers the go-ahead, and allow them to accept donations.Savoy says they hope to start when the snow is gone.”So my grandchildren can look at him and smile every time they see him and say Paul Bunyan – you know, the city of Bangor. That’s where he lives,” Savoy says.”I hope, going forward, we would give a little more respect to that big guy down on Main Street,” Palmer says, “because he deserves it.”The volunteers are from all around the area, not just Bangor, and they encourage everyone who loves Paul Bunyan to get involved. If you’d like to volunteer or donate supplies, you can reach Jeanne Savoy through Da Vinci Signs, at 848-2234.