Police Chief Suspended 

The Police Chief in Milo ended up on the wrong side of the law Friday night.Michael Poulin was arrested. He’s accused of domestic assault against his wife.The town wants to waste no time in deciding what happens next according to Milo Town Manager Jeff Gahagan. “Wednesday night at seven o’clock, we’ve got an emergency selectmen’s meeting.” Until then, Gahagan will be talking with as many people involved to have facts to present at that meeting. “I’m trying to gather as much information as possible about the events so that I can report to the selectmen. The selectmen will ultimately be making a decision on the disposition and his job going forward.”It stems from an incident at a restaurant in Milo between Police Chief Michael Poulin and his wife. “Right now, Mr. Poulin has been charged with assault on his wife,” says District Attorney Chris Almy. “It’s a domestic violence case. It happened Friday night at Elaine’s Cafe in Milo. The business was closed at the time and the initial evidence that we have involves two police officers who witnessed it.” Almy continued. “She was grabbed by the arm and pressed against the wall and beyond that I don’t have anything else to say.”The residents that we talked to in Milo didn’t want to go on camera, but say they were surprised and shocked by the news. Many didn’t know until seeing it on TV or reading it in the paper.They could know more after Wednesday’s meeting, said Gahagan. “Depending on the info before them that night, they might be able to render a decision immediately.”Poulin is out on bail and until the Selectmen reach their decision has been suspended with pay.