Bodies Found in Moosehead Lake 

It’s a tragic ending to the search for a Pennsylvania couple who disappeared while snowmobiling.Game wardens found their bodies in Moosehead lake on Monday.41-year-old Clifford Achenbach and his 42-year-old wife Denise had been staying at an inn in Moosehead Junction township.Game officials say they went snowmobiling on Thursday morning, but they didn’t return.A missing persons report was finally filed when they failed to return to work on Monday. Fifteen game wardens, two warden service aircraft and a forest service helicopter took part in the search.The crew in the helicopter found the bodies Monday afternoon, frozen in the ice near the lakes east outlet dam.Airboats were used to recover the bodies.Officials suspect the couple hit open water after dark Thursday night and couldn’t get out.Eight people have now been killed in snowmobile accidents this season.