Lincoln Couple Charge With Passing Thousands of Dollars in Bad Checks 

Police say a husband and wife from Lincoln passed thousands of dollars worth of bad checks all over Penobscot County over the past few weeks.27-year-old Samuel Thompson and his wife, 29-year-old Jennifer Thompson, are charged with Class C forgery and negotiating worthless instruments.According to police, the two wrote the checks to businesses in seven different towns from Lincoln to Bangor.A movie store on Main Street in Lincoln received several bad checks from the Thompsons, according to the store manager.Alan Dill of Movie America says the couple wrote five hundred forty four dollars worth of checks to the store since the beginning of the month.Dill says every one of the checks bounced.<"I WAS BORN IN THIS TOWN AND I'M PROUD OF THE COMMUNITY AND THE PEOPLE IN IT. AND WE DIDN'T NEED THESE PREDATORS OUT OF THE STREET GOING BUSINESS TO BUSINESS DOING THIS. WE WERE LOOKING FOR A WAY TO GET THEM OFF THE STREET. I'M GLAD TO SEE SOMETHING'S FINALLY BEING DONE ON THIS WHOLE THING.">Police searched the home and say they recovered several of the items that had been purchased with the bad checks.Some of those items have been returned to the stores.Officers want to hear from other business owners who may have taken checks from the couple recently.Anyone with information is asked to contact Lincoln Police.