Hermon Cheerleaders Go to New Englands 

For the second time in three years, cheerleaders from Hermon High School are making the trip to New Englands along with four other Eastern Maine schools.The girls will be competing at the University of New Hampshire against other top teams for a coveted spot at the National Cheerleading Competition.Excitement was in the air as the Hermon High cheerleaders boarded the bus for New Englands.”It’s basically where the top three teams from Maine at least go down and compete against the other New England Teams. It’s a huge accomplishment because not many teams get to do it.” Says Rachel Taggart, a senior and one of the team captains.”We get to go down and represent Maine in the competition and that’s a big deal.” Cortney Hawes, a junior explains.The Hermon girls had a season sweep this year – winning all their competitions. Head coach, Lisa Pratt says, “It was amazing because the girls, each week, we saw them achieve more and more and more for them to be able to win all four was really great.”They say a lot of hard work has gone into being number one in the state.”We had to do two, three hour practices everyday. We had to win or be in the top three for states.” says Taggart.But for these girls, it’s not all about jumps, stunts, and dancing. Beside a trophy, they’re looking forward to bringing home some great memories.Kayla Pelletier, a senior and captains says, “We’re going shopping today, so that’s gonna be pretty fun, but getting to spend more time with the girls because this is my last year and just being able to have this one last experience with them is gonna be awesome.”Their hard work got them into the competition, but they say they owe a lot to those who supported them along the way. “Thank you to our school, our principal, for letting us go down here, the school board, the community, for helping us get to where we are, and especially our coaches” says Pelletier.Joining the girls from Hermon at New Englands will be teams from John Bapst, Waterville, Bangor, and Jonesport Beals.