Handcuffed Man Jumps From Second Story Window 

A man from Orono tried to escape the police by jumping from a second story window today…while in handcuffs…It happened at the Orchard Hills apartments…Police went to the man’s home to do a bail check…after searching the residence, they found he was in violation of his felony bail conditions…They arrested and handcuffed him…that’s when the trouble started.<"He happened to be seated near the living room area with another officer...on a stool. He managed to get up from the stool, run through the living room and dove out the second story window. We then pursued him through the parking lot where we caught up with him again.">Police did not release the man’s name.He was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center with cuts on his hands.Police say he’ll also undergo a psychiatric evaluation.He’s charged with violation of bail conditions…but other charges could be added.