Gifford’s gives away free cones! 

In Bangor it’s as sure a sign of spring as robins basking in the sun.Gifford’s ice cream is open for the season…and it’s celebrating by giving away ice cream.Cori Skall has the story.”Looks like we both survived the winter?””Oh, I come here quite often. Why? What brings you back to Gifford’s? Well, it’s good ice cream!”It’s a sure fire sign that spring is here.”I thought I’d get a cone, since this is the first day that Gifford’s is opening up.”Dozens of folks lined up just after noon, to get their first taste of the season.”Tastes like Spring.””They’ve gone exactly a whole winter without ice cream, so they’re ready! And it could be 17 degrees and they’re going to be out there waiting for ice cream!””I’m getting ice cream! What kind? Vanilla with sprinkles!””What do you get typically? Orange Pineapple. And who’s that for? That’s for the Mrs. What does she get? Almond Crunch!””I’m getting a purple kind.”This is Brittany Madden’s 8th season with Gifford’s.”Last summer, I was pregnant while I was working, so that was exciting! And it’s nice not to be working with my belly in the way now.”And this is Gifford’s newest addition!As they do on every opening day, Gifford’s will give out free cones.”It’s just something we do for our customers to welcome them back and it brings a lot of excitement.Manager Rhonda Charette said they gave out almost 6 hundred last year!”Plain cones right?” And in case you’ve forgotten over the long winter months, besides your appetite, there’s one thing you want to remember when coming to Gifford’s.”We don’t take debit or credit cards. We only take cash or check. But there is an ATM nearby, right? Yes, right next door and across the street.””You need a lot of napkins to eat Gifford’s, huh? Mmm-hmm.”Cori Skall, WABI TV 5 news.