Damaged Appliances for Cheap 

The economic slump is taking a huge toll on a lot of businesses, but there’s a new business in Bucksport that might have perfect timing.Susan Farley explains.”You always need appliances. You’ve got to have them.”Ralph McAvoy and his family started their appliance business in their garage in Searsport. It became so popular they recently opened RKT Enterprises in Bucksport.”It started out as a scrap business. We thought we were buying scrap stuff but it ended up being better than scrap and it was too bad to throw it away.”The Main Street business specializes in appliances that are new, some are slightly damaged.”Some you can’t tell the scratch or the dent is on the back or on the bottom.”Everything comes from a big store that no longer wants it.”If the box is damaged too much they’ll discard it because they don’t want to even open it to see if, how bad it’s broken or if it’s really broken.””It isn’t like it’s old or used or anything. Some of it’s discontinued. They upgrade the product and they just get rid of what’s left on the floor at the end of the year.””We get lots of display models. When they are on the floor they get a scratch or something. They just don’t sell them.”It isn’t all appliances. You can find everything from generators and ladders to gas grills and water heaters.”When the snow finally disappears we have lawn mowers and all the lawn care stuff too.”Ralph says the tough economy is making their shop very attractive to lots of buyers.”It still looks new and the prices on it are cheap. They usually sell it for a third of what it costs. A lot of people buy it so they can save money.”The price isn’t the only way to save money. They’ll even take away the old appliance without charging a disposal fee.”With the economy the way it is it’s definitely a good thing.”RKT Enterprises is located on Main Street in the same building as the Bucksport House of Pizza.