Local Graduates Plan Trip to Liberia 

A group of Hampden Academy graduates are working to lend a helping hand in the african country of Liberia, but they need some help of their own in getting there. “From what I was told, the white man represents so many things to them, and they’re striving for those things, right now, but it’s so hard to get their feet off the ground, when they don’t have anything really to work with.”Two years ago, Hampden Academy graduate Harvey Shue took a trip to Liberia. Seeing the conditions the people there were living in, Shue was inspired to help. So he put together a documentary, and founded the group, Friends of Liberia.”The goal and mission is to go and help Weajue, Liberia, right now, and try and develop it in to a more prosperous country.””I’ve always dreamed of Africa. It’s always been in the back of my mind that I would go there, and live there and work there…So I am going.””Over there, the problems are really, really simple. They’re things like clean drinking water, and food, and education. They’re problems that can be solved relatively easily.”Fellow Hampden graduates, and group members, Shaylah Goss and Andrew Deighan, along with Sean Higgins, plan to go to the Liberian village of Weajue this summer, to help with those problems.”My specific program is the school development. And the first thing I am going to do when I go over there is get the teachers training.”The organizations motto: Working to Calalyze Progress. They plan to spend three months in Liberia but need to raise 39-thousand dollars before they go. they have, at this point, almost 4 thousand. But say they have many fundraisers planned, and hope to get some aid from the government.”With our education, we can make a big difference with just a very small amount of help.”The Friends of Liberia will be holding a number of fundraisers in the coming weeks, including a murder mystery dinner and silent auction at Pairings in Winterport, at the Winterport Winery.It will take place this Saturday, March 21st at 6pm. Tickets are 20 dollars per person, and 35 per couple.The money will go to help with the trip, and for supplies they need to help the village. For more about the organization, log on to