Take a Hands on Approach to Your Wedding 

Many brides-to-be have been dreaming about their weddings since they were just little girls.Now that they have a ring on their finger they’re wondering how to come up with the money to create their fantasy.Chelsey Anderson shows us how to save money by getting creative and taking a hands on approach to your perfect day.If you’re not careful, your wedding dress could end up taking away thousands of dollars of your budget.So shop the sales. Filene’s Basement in Boston does a running of the brides each year, where you can get designer dresses for a fraction of the cost. If running for dresses and pushing people out of the way isn’t your speed, but you still want a deal, check out local thrift stores. The Director of Hands of Hope in Bangor, Kathy Harvey, says about 99-percent of their dresses are 99 to one hundred-99 dollars. And a portion of the purchase goes to Brides Against Breast Cancer, a group that grants wishes to women with terminal breast cancer.Next on the list: the wedding and reception.Wedding Coordinator Coleen Perkins says that’s where the do-it-yourself bride will save the most money.”If you’re able to sit down and plan and coordinate everything yourself you won’t spend the 10-thousand, 20-thousand dollar wedding. You really will have a 3 or 4-thousand dollar wedding and it still be just as beautiful.”That means a trip to a craft store, like A.C. Moore in Bangor.Store Manager, Pat White, stopped to smell the roses of wedding arrangements.”The silk flowers now are just beautiful, you can’t tell that they’re silk by looking at them. They are realistic, they’re colorful, it’s easier to match your colors with your gowns because there is a wider selection of colors available.”If you’d rather have real flowers at your wedding, consider what’s in season. And if you aren’t too picky visit your local grocery store for choices, too. Bride-to-be, Kacie Hutchinson, is a fan of doing favors yourself.”That saves a lot of money. And it’s fun bonding time.” “Right!””You get the bridal party, you get the brides parents, the grooms parents and y’all sit around and make favors.””Popular favors are candles, scented candles. There’s lots of different things you can do for very little money.”When in doubt, head to the web. Kacie found it a great place for deals on bulk items like invitations and save the date magnets.If you are taking care of food for the wedding, enlist help.”It’s all in who you know. If you have a friend in the family that cooks they can be your caterer. As long as you like their food!” nat laughterYou can also head to the grocery store.”We have a full variety here at Hannaford. Start at our bakery department.” “Compared to a regular wedding cake that’s going to cost you 3, 4, 500 dollars, this would cost you $39.95 and you can basically tell us how you like it and we can make it up any special way you want.”Not only can a bride-to-be keep her and her new hubby out of the poor house with a do-it-yourself wedding, but it’s also very gratifying.”It really gives you something to go forward with, with your marriage, to know that you really put that time in it.”A.C. Moore offers classes in floral arranging and cake decorating. To get a list of those visit their website at But the do-it-yourself route isn’t for everyone. So budget in professionals when you need help.