Positive Economic News out of Pittsfield 

There is some good news about our economy. At least our local economy.The G-C-S call center in Pittsfield celebrated its first anniversary with an employee appreciation day on St. Patrick’s Day.A year ago they had fourteen 110 people work there.And last week was the most productive in the center’s first year.Their goal is to grow by twenty percent this year and increase their work force to 150.And this call center recently received some special recognition from its parent company according to site manager Selena Fogg. ” Out of 13 GCS centers Pittsfield was the number one center for the fourth quarter of 08, so it was a lot of different things that were that that was comprised from and I would say we’re going great.”G-C-S is located in the Somerset Plaza in Pittsfield.They handle sales calls for several fortune 500 companies, like Bank of America. And they sell insurance and advertise for insurance agents.