New Law School at Husson 

Husson University is moving forward with plans for a new law school. Students, faculty, and alumni gathered at Husson today to hear the exciting news. The University announced the first three faculty members for the law school they plan to open in Fall of 2010, including Michael Mullane as the founding dean.Husson’s program hasn’t received accreditation from the American Bar Association, but Mullane says they are seeking the state court’s approval. “What we’re asking the supreme judicial court to do is allow our students to sit for their bar, even though we are not an ABA accredited school.” The program is targeting those who want to practice law in Maine. Those involved hope it will help to fill a void the state is experiencing.”There’s a dearth of lawyers in Northern Maine, and something like only 20 percent of the lawyers practicing here are under 50. So our goal as far as this law school is concerned is that we’ve got legal services available for people, Bangor and north.” says Judy Potter, who will be a part time faculty member of the law school. When the program first begins they plan to cater to the working crowd. They’ll have classes at night and use existing facilities to house them.”We have a case study classroom in Kominsky Auditorium, we have several high tech classrooms where we can have interactive teaching if we want to bring in law professors online.” Says Bill Beardsley, President of Husson University.Even though the program is still about a year and a half from starting, they say there’s already been about 130 inquiries. Their first class will have about 40 students.Mullane says they will present their plans and curriculum to the court this summer and apply for program approval.After that he says they’ll shift full swing into promoting the new law school.