Ellsworth Man Accused of Swindling Customers 

An Ellsworth businessman is being accused of leaving customers, builders, and investors high and dry to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.The Attorney Generals office and the Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection began investigating Erick Murphy and his company, Murphy Home Loans, last fall after getting complaints from several people.Cyndee Carroll was his partner in the Breezy Maples farm in Ellsworth. Carroll says she is losing everything she owns because Murphy failed to meet financial obligations:”When we started he told me that I would own the farmhouse next door. The business would pay the mortgage, that I would have all my lesson money but I would get a salary for running the stable, that I would never have to work off this farm again. The business would carry so I would be debt free. I’m not debt free. I don’t have a mortgage because the woman is going to foreclose.”Fourteen people and businesses are named in the notice of hearing filed by the attorney generals office. The accusations against murphy include denying clients access to records, transferring business funds to his own personal accounts and failing to repay investors.A hearing to consider sanctions will be held on March 30th. Murphy says there have never been any complaints against him until now. He says he plans to surrender his registration as a loan officer. Officials say it’s possible there are more people with similar complaints.They can contact the Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection at 1-800-332-8529.