Early Start to St. Patrick’s Day 

The day when everyone is a little bit Irish was celebrated in Bangor, and patrons of Paddy Murphy’s, an Irish Pub on Main Street, got started before the sun came up.But the surprise of people coming through the doors at that hour was not a suprise to server Andy Day, ” Everybody’s marveling at people being here more than anything so but they’re all here too so. hahaha.”The doors to Paddy Murphy’s in downtown Bangor opened at 6am on this Saint Patrick’s Day, the same way it did two years ago when the Irish Pub opened in Pickering Square.”I picked six am because I thought it would work well” said the owner of the Pub, John Dobbs. “you know it’s a nice thing to do for people who really want to enjoy St. Patty’s day right from the get go. Nobody else does it and I’m looking to start a nice tradition.”Some sat at the bar, others filled booths. Some stopped in for a drink and something to eat before work. Others stopped in on their way to classes at UMaine, like Michael Perry.”I got class at nine thirty, gotta go to class and then we’ll see where the day goes from there.”This is the third St. Patrick’s Day the pub has welcomed folks in at this early hour. It’s just the start of 20 hours of celebration. And with five bands performing Irish and Celtic folk music through the day, those who have been through this before know what lies ahead.”This is about what I expected.” said Day. “You got the troopers in here at six in the morning and everybody wants to get a table early. I’m kind of astonished that we have one open now so we’ll see how long that lasts and yeah it’s a good crowd..”A good crowd and a good time, but there’s always next year to be ready for and that will soon be Dobbs’ focus.”You can always do better, you can always be faster, more efficient, you can always give more to people who frequent your establishment. So what can we do better for next year? We’ll start talking about that tomorrow.”