Bone Crusher Unveiled 

What do you get when you cross Maine’s most famous truck stop, with one of Maine’s most famous loggers? A pound of beef, or Dysart’s new “Bone Crusher” burger.”To me, it’s a great thing, you know not everybody has something named after them. Maybe a president or, you know, a famous star! I don’t feel like a famous star. I feel like the bone crusher.”Like it or not, the drivers from the Millinocket based Gerald Pelletier Logging, are becoming famous, thanks to the new discovery channel show, American Loggers. The latest perk to come out of their new found glory, is to be honored at the Mecca of maine truck stops, Dysart’s restaurant.”We decided that the big loads, the big amount of logging, and all the bigness of what this TV show is, needed a big burger to go with it.”Thus, the newest addition to the dysart’s menu was born say hello to the bone crusher.”The burger is one full pound of beef on a great big 7 or 8 inch roll, that’s totally loaded with everything.””I can’t even put it in to my mouth! Just looking at somebody eat that, I’m full just watching them eat it.”The bone crusher was inspired by one of the show’s newest stars, trucker Brian Nutting, aka, the real life bone crusher.”I can eat a lot…holy cow! that’s large!”Crusher, who got his name after hitting a moose with his rig on the Golden Road, says he’s still in awe of the show’s success, and he’s amused to share his name with a hamburger.”I just laughed, you know—it’s like, what’s next?”Dysart’s will also start carrying American Logger merchandise in the store next week.But this day was all about the burger.”It’s definitely gonna be 2 hands.”And as bone crusher sat down to try the “bone crusher”, someone had the audacity to ask him if he needed to cut it in half.”Do you want to cut it? Do I look like a little boy or an ice road trucker? argh!!!!!!”You can also find American Logger merchandise on the web at If you haven’t had a chance to check out the American Loggers show yet, it airs Friday nights at ten o’clock.