Bangor Officials OK Building Projects 

A pair of new buildings got the go-ahead from the Bangor Planning Board Tuesday night.First, board members heard about a new project for the Rock Church, a non-denominational Christian church on Ohio Street.”We have actually ten and a half acres of land,” says Pastor Kirk Winters.He says they want turn their current church into a space for youth activities – and behind it, build a new, nearly 10-thousand square foot house of worship for their hundreds of followers.Winters says they’ve come a long way since the church began in 2005.”Since then we’ve gone from one, to two, to three, to four weekend services,” Winters says. “We currently have about 500 people in a building that’s built for 100 people. So we’ve just outgrown our space.”He says they’re working now on raising funds, and hope to break ground in 2010.Meanwhile, as soon at the frost leaves the ground, Manna Ministries Director Bill Rae says they’ll break ground on their new family shelter. The six-unit building behind Manna’s current spot on Main Street would take in moms with their kids when they have nowhere else to go. It would be the only shelter of its kind in Bangor.He says they hope to open before the weather turns cold once again.”Mom comes in she has no place to stay, she can stay there for the night – two nights – five nights,” Rae says. “Whatever she needs to do to get herself back into her own apartment or back into her own stable environment.”Bill Rae says Manna is a quarter of the way to its one million dollar fundraising goal.