A Wedding on a Budget 

The beginning of one of the most beautiful times of the year in Maine is just a few weeks away, which means wedding season isn’t far behind. Every year, thousands of couples choose to tie the knot in Maine – whether they live here or not.And figuring out your wedding budget can be stressful. Especially since the says the average wedding costs about 28-thousand dollars. But there’s no need to worry.Chelsey Anderson spoke with a bride-to-be and a wedding planner that assured her it doesn’t matter whether you’re dreaming of having a Cinderella wedding or an intimate wedding on the coast you can follow a budget.”You don’t have to spend a phenomenal amount of money to make a beautiful wedding.”Coleen Perkins from Coleen’s Fairytale Weddings says you can pull together a very nice wedding with under 35-hundred dollars, while still choosing a major emphasis on your dress, or your photographer.”You can just have simple decorations, simple table coverings, centerpieces, candles… There’s a lot of ambience with just candles.”Fouth of July Bride-to-be Kacie Hutchinson and her family have run into some difficulties following their vague budget. “We just kind of set an arbitrary budget because we really didn’t know how expensive a wedding is. And there were a couple things that were high on the priority list that were a little more than we had planned for, so the budget expanded just a little bit.”Coleen reminds brides-to-be, like Kacie, that when you are working with vendors they are usually willing to work with your budget, because they love what they do.”Don’t be afraid to ask them for a discount. A lot of them will say where you are doing X amount of dollars with me then I’ll give you a 10 to 20% discount off the top.”Kacie and her mom, Karen, found that even the time of a wedding can make a difference on vendor pricing. “We were actually afraid, being on a holiday, that it might be a little more expensive. But where it is in the morning vendors were willing to work with us.” “Like the DJ was willing to make a deal because it was a morning wedding and he could still do an evening event.Kacie said that for her wedding prioritizing is the key.”Decide what you want to spend the most money on and then work your budget around that.”The Mother-of-the-Bride says Kacie’s always been good about looking for a deal. “One of her first words was sale. So since a little child she knew that we only bought things on sale.” And it holds true today….”It’s about shopping deals, shopping sales.The after Christmas, after Valentine’s Day sales are very helpful. Local stores or chain stores will have 50% off coupons. Mom and I will go in and will each have the 50% off coupon and will each buy on item for 50% off!”And Coleen reminds us, that you don’t have to go into debt or have your parents take out a second mortgage for a beautiful wedding. Stick to the budget, do things yourself if you can and then… “All they’ve got to do is sit and worry about being a beautiful bride.”In part two we’ll walk down the aisle of a do-it-yourself wedding. How to do your own flowers, favors, and some alternatives to catering in order to create your dream wedding without going into debt.