UMaine System Reviews Financial Standing 

The University of Maine system needs to trim about 43-million dollars in its budget for the next four years..Chancellor Richard Pattenaude recently put together a 12-member task force to work on that.That panel has been holding open forums on U-maine campuses to get suggestions on how to close the gap.An update on those meetings was presented to the Board of Trustees in Bangor Monday.The board is focusing on many cost-cutting options, including staffing and academic and structural changes.It’s also looking for ways to increase money coming into the U-maine system. “We’re struggling with trying to make reductions in the middle of a fiscal year in order to try and break even by the end of the fy ’09. And we’re not really sure that we’ve seen the end of the problem even in the current fiscal year,” says Rebecca Wyke, Vice Chancellor for the UMaine Finance and Administration office.The task force wraps up their open forums Tuesday, at the Lewiston -Auburn College and University of Southern Maine.Recommendations will be given to Chancellor Pattenaude in June.