Troop Flights 

It was a bitter sweet day at Bangor International Airport.A flight with Soldiers and Marines came in this morning and reunited with family and friends.While the 286 out of Bangor left to head to Afghanistan.The 286 has 80 soldiers who have been training for over a year for this tour.Colonel Don Lagace, Commander of 52 Troop Command, has complete confidence in the men. He says they’re a well trained and well led troop.For some of the men it’s their second or third trip overseas.Family and friends were there to see their loved ones off.This is the second tour for Eileen Lasselle’s Husband. She says, “Doesn’t get any easier, you know more what to expect, makes things a little easier, no guessing what’s gonna happen, but you worry twice as much because you know what going on.”The 286 is scheduled to be in Afghanistan for a year.Colonel Lagace looks forward to a safe return and expects things to be looking up in the near future.