k-9 fire investigator 

Fire investigators are trying to find the cause of a fire that destroyed a garage in etna… Crews from four towns were called to the scene around 2:30 this morning…It’s located across the street from the fire station on route two and had been abandoned…Officials say this is the second fire the owner has dealt with in the last 8 days…We’re told he recently lost a house too…It was also a chance for a state fire investigator to use a specially trained dog to search for the cause..Senior fire investigator Scott Richardson says–“you take a scene like the one behind me. If there was an accelerant used you would take a number of samples. The dog can actually pinpoint within an inch of where the hydrocarbon based accelerant is and you can sample from there and screen the sample with her. Then you have a much higher success rate when you get it to the lab”. The dog named “metro” was given to the state by the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms…Richardson recently traveled to virginia to be trained to handle metro.Both are now part of a national response team and could be called to investigate any fire in the u.s. That the a.t.f. Is asked to look into..