As the Ice Melts 

Lots of folks headed outside to take advantage of the sunshine this weekend. “Oh, the sun is awesome,” says Mike Celestino, who was riding his bike on Pushaw Lake Sunday. “That’s our first catch right there,” says Carl Franck, who was ice fishing with his brother.But, with the beautiful weather comes the consequences.”The sun is warm, the rays are strong, and we’ve had some rain, that leads to runoff and snow melt,” says Game Warden Jim Fahey.He says now that we’re on the backside of winter, we’re losing more ice than we’re gaining. As the sun melts it from the top, currents underneath erode it from the bottom.”The result,” he says, “is bad ice.”He says now you need to be extra-careful venturing out on the ice. If you do fall in, use your forearms to pull yourself out and roll away.Franck says the ice was still more than 20 inches thick where he was fishing on Pushaw Lake Sunday.”It was good and solid this morning,” he says. “Now, it’s getting a little mushy.”Celestino says, “It’s getting a little bit mushy – but I’ll tell you what, you can’t beat it.””We enjoyed some good solid ice early,” says Fahey. “But this happens every year. It gets to the point where people need to use extra-good judgement and be prudent with deciding whether they want to go on the ice.”He says if you have an ice shack, take advantage of the conditions to pull it in now, before the April 3rd deadline.Franck says he hopes to enjoy at least more weekend with their ice house.”It’s a lot of fun.”