Unsafe chlorine levels lead to sickness at UMO pool 

Officials with the University of Maine and the CDC are still looking into an incident that left several people sick after a swim meet.More than 600 swimmers, spectators, and coaches were at Umaine’s Wallace Pool last weekend.Many of the folks attending the 2009 winter combined championships complained of eye irritation and respiratory issues .That prompted university officials and the CDC to look in to what was causing the symptoms.They discovered that two large ventilation fans had been switched off, causing an unsafe level of chlorine to build up in the air.University spokesman Joe Carr says it does not appear the fans were malfunctioning.”When the switches were turned back on this week, everything worked just fine. So there’s nothing wrong with the heating or ventilation system itself. It’s just that the fans were, for some reason, switched off, and that caused it not to be working properly.”Carr says he doesn’t think the fans were off as a result of vandalism.It’s still unclear when the fans were turned off, and for what reason.