Lincoln TIF 

Lincoln Council deadlocked over the First Wind TIF on Monday night.The councilors voted 3-3.First Wind has plans to build 40 wind turbines in the area.The TIF that was proposed would have been a 60 – 40 split in favor of First Wind.Stephen Clay, Town Council Chairman, says he’s not sure why the council deadlocked, but he says people in Lincoln seem to be in favor of the plan.Clay says it would be good for economic development in the area. “It generates revenue for the town. If we do TIF it we’re able to do some projects that if we normally did them we’d have to tax the tax payer to do them. This way the tax rate doesn’t go sky high doing these project.”Clay says some of the projects include general repairs to the town that would take place over 20 years.The Council is having another meeting later in the month to negotiate a different TIF.