Exchange Students from Japan Visit Brewer Middle School 

For the past five years, students at Brewer Middle School have hosted college kids from Japan.Tuesday 14 students from the other side of the globe were in the halls with the kids from Brewer.Going to classes with them and experiencing a day in the life of an American student like 7th grader Nicole Vieira.”It’s something different to do than to watch other people do it and it’s a good opportunity to talk to them.””I thought it would be really cool to have a Japanese Shadow follow me around for the day because they sound really interesting from what they said and they are, they’re actually really fun and they’re interesting to talk to.” said 7th grader Megan Pike.The Japanese students are in college and are just learning the English Language. The Brewer students are in middle school and speak no Japanese, but they were in class together all day.The students that were supposed to be at home, were the most nervous like Nicole.”Well I knew that they had to study a lot of English and I wanted them to like me and not be confused when I talk to them so I’m kinda like nervous in a way to meet them.”At Hirosaki University, the students are studying a variety of courses. One wants to be an English teacher, so she felt this program would give her a chance to practice what she has learned.”In Japan I have no chance to speak English, so I have to come and I have to experience in America so I decided this program.” said 21 year old Haruna Hanamaka.For the last few years, Brewer has been requested by the faculty at Hirosaki University. It teaches them a lot about what a day is like for a typical American student. The Brewer students also learn something new according to their math teacher Cathy Atwood.”I want the Brewer kids to realize that people from other cultures and other countries are people. Some of the students you talked to said they could never do this but seeing students who are doing this can give them the idea that may be they could do it, it’s not such an impossible task.”