Chocolate lovers head to Rockland. 

If you love chocolate, you’ll want to head to Rockland this weekend.The 4th Annual Chocolate March is set to kick off Saturday at ten.And TV 5’s Cori Skall has a sneak peak to wet your appetite.”They can expect an overwhelming sentiment of chocolate throughout the day, but in ways they never thought of.”For the fourth year in a row, the Historic Inns of Rockland are getting ready to roll out their Chocolate March.”It’s not just chocolate in your mouth, although there’ll be a lot of different ways to sample eating chocolates, from ganache to fondue to hand dipped chocolate to chocolate in hot chocolate…but also for the medicinal property of chocolate facials, chocolate oils for massage. So we run the whole spectrum.”Over 20 Rockland businesses are taking part in this year’s event, including the Pastry Garden, where they’ll be making a special Irish chocolate treat.”I think it’s just nice to see, in the middle of winter, our downtown sort of come alive in a special way.”Over at the Lily Bistro, chef Lynette Mosher will be teaching folks the art of the chocolate ganache.”Given the economy, and given that this particular event, there’s all these participating it the farnsworth or the boat house or Amalfi..all of the other restaurants that are working with this. I think it’s a terrific value for people. And to be able to see all these different things. Also, everybody is providing samples, and who doesn’t like free samples.”And over at AMALFI, chef David Cook has some decadent desserts featuring…”A little bit of chocolate and a smile.”Some of the proceeds from the event will go to help a local food pantry.And there’s even a “chocolate express” to help shuttle folks from stop to stop.Organizers hope the event brings people outside to enjoy everything Rockland’s downtown has to offer.”We wanted an event that kind of celebrates the transition and gets people feeling good and wanting to get outside and enjoy this time of year–and you know, frankly, chocolates are a great venue for doing that.”Tickets to the Chocolate March are 20 dollars, and can be purchased at any participating inn.Or for more information, you can call the Limerock Inn, at 594-2257.There are also details online at WWW.HISTORICINNSOFROCKLAND.COM.