Kids in Garland Excited About Reading 

Kids at elementary schools all over Maine are getting excited about reading this week.It’s all part of a national promotion called “Read Across America.”Amy Erickson has more.bite 3: “a lot of people think kindergarten is too early but that’s actually where the window of opportunity is. Kids are sponges at this age and can just take right off.”These kindergarteners at the Garland Elementary School love reading…and it shows…bite 11: ‘here comes the yellow power ranger.”Not only are they reading on their own…they’re even writing stories!Their teacher, Kelly Gay, knows how crucial it is to instill a love of reading early on…bite 1: “especially in kindergarten is when it’s very important to get kids to not only want to be read to but to be excited about learning to read and this is just one way to get them excited.”bite 4: “i read at home and in school.”On Thursday, as part of “read Across America” week, Gay invited guest readers into the classroom…including yours truly…bite 10: “let’s get a pet, said jack one day. I promise i’ll look after it.”bite 2: “they have to listen to me read 4-5 times a day so to have someone else come in…i’ve had community members, my parents…they’re glued to it when someone else is reading.”Sheriff’s Deputy Sean McCue also took a turn in the reading chair…(nats of McCue reading)bite 8: “it’s good for us to come here because reading is part of learning and it gets the kids to meet us in their environment so they’re more comfortable with us.”bite 9: “it’s always fun and the questions very rarely have to do with the book, but that’s ok, too.”Riley Thompson told us why she loves books.bite 5: “sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re fun, sometimes they make you learn stuff.”Her classmate, Blake Thompson, has a different reason.bite 7: “um…the pictures.”Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Garland.