Back to Basics part two 

Are you tired about the high cost of energy?Worried about chemicals and other things found in your food?You’re certainly not alone…In fact, there’s a growing number of people who are taking things into the own hands and living more like our ancestors did…. Tonight we’ll meet a couple from Hancock who are among those that are getting back to the basics..and watch out for the stampede. Okay we’re going to get your supper. Gonna get your supper…Welcome to the three pines bed and breakfast in Hancock… Not a typical b and b….ed and Karen Curtis are retired engineers who worked in the aerospace industry…back in the early 1990’s the couple decided they had enough of working in an office and decided to move to maine. I wanted to stay home…. I like the outside part of it. Working outside after sitting at a desk for so long under flourecent lights”…What they’ve done is create a place that others dream about… They grow their own vegetables which the eat all year long… They make maple syrup, honey, raise chickens for eggs and sheep for their fleece”.. once a year we have the sheep shorn. And Karen washes it and I cant it and then spin it. She also has taken it down to fiber festivals and sold some fleece”..And when they learned how much it was cost to run electricity to their home the Curtis’ decided to invest in solar power—something ed has always been interested in.. Now, they’re completely off the grid… They generate enough power to run their home and b and b… They even have a solar panel that runs the water pump and lights in the barn… so we try to be as self sufficient as possible”..”was that a goal of yours”?”i think so. It kinda came together that way”… I haven’t bought a vegetable in quite a few years”….”that’s gotta feel good”…”you know exactly what you’re getting. We grow organicly although we’re not certified. We know exactly what’s going into the soil so we know what we’re getting out. I save as much seed as I can from the vegetables so I know where that’s coming from”…You might think that it would take a lot of hard work to live the way they do, and you’d be right…but the Curtis’ wouldn’t have it any other way… They know where their next meal is coming from, they live environmentally friendly and they do it in one of the most beautiful spots around… Not surprising why so many people want to get back to the basics… I just like getting out and doing the physical part of it. I feel better. Feel more healthy”You can visit our website to see this story again and to find links to websites that can help you get back to the basics…You’ll find information that will help you grow a better garden along with information on a rebate program for those who buy solar power equipment here:University of Maine Cooperative ExtensionGarden InformationSolar PowerThe pines bed and breakfast