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Local farmers and religious leaders support the Employee Free Choice Act… 

A group of maine farmers and religious leaders met in brewer today to show their support for the Employee Free Choice Act.Organizers say the act, which was introduced in the US House and Senate Tuesday, would put some key decisions in to the hands of employees…including the right to form, join and assist labor unions.Organic farmer Thomas Young of Bangor, says he’s joining with 24 area farms to endorse the act, saying it’s a good first step in securing rights for farmers.Reverend David Grainger from the Orono Methodist Church, says the act helps protect three key issues referenced in the Bible: preserving the dignity of the worker, the sanctity of the work place, and ensuring justice in the work place.”How can we guarantee the safety and quality and dignity of our own food, if the people who grow and produce it, are not provided safe and respectful and secure work environment? The employee free choice act will help us to achieve this goal.””Here, in 2009, we have a piece of legislation that actually specifically addresses many of these particular complaints, so this is why our church, and many in the Christian and interfaith communities support the employee free choice act.”>Senators Snowe and Collins have issued statements saying while they support workers rights to organize and bargain collectively, they opposed the act.Both believe the employee free choice act would jeopardize worker’s rights to remain protected when making crucial decisions affecting their jobs.