First Barge Arrives for Cianbro Project 

Cianbro in Brewer has been making huge pieces of equipment for an oil refinery in Texas for the past year.The barge that will take the first of those modules down the coast docked in Brewer Tuesday.Four of the modules will be loaded onto the barge in the next few weeks.The order calls for a total of 53 modules, totaling up to 9000 tons of steel, and 200,000 feet of pipe. “The workers can step back and look at the fruits of their labor and see it coming to life.” Cianbro’s General Manager Joe Cote told TV5 on Tuesday. “It’s pretty exciting for them and I couldn’t be any happier quite frankly.”The trip to Texas on the barge takes between two and three weeks.Besides the Brewer plant there are three other sites making parts for the oil refinery.