Back to Basics 

For many generations people had to work hard to live…They raised much of their own food, made their own clothing and anything else they had to do to get by….Now, it appears that more people are getting back to the basics…The troubled economy and concerns about the food we eat are driving factors…We decided to see how some Mainers are becoming more self sufficient… Bob Cataan is a man who trully does wear many hats… A pharmacist by profession—bob is also a farmer, a timber harvester and veteranarian. I like the animals that are really big. They’re big enough to kinda scare you. Bob didn’t grow up with farm animals, but they’re certainly a big part of his life now.. When he’s not tending to the cattle or other critters–he can be found doing any of the scores of jobs that keep him busy…Bob is among a growing number of people who are getting back to the basics… They’re raising more of their own food and using the environment to not only save money, but to also give them peace of mind… I don’t think it was a cost savings measure, but the quality of food is dramatic compared to the grocery store. You know where everything comes from. You know what it was fed. You know what went into it regarding medicine…He’s certainly not alone… The city of Portland recently passed an ordinance that allows residents to have up to 6-hens at their homes… One of several Maine communities that have done so… There are also some people who still harvest ice during the winter like these folks in northern Maine. It will be used all summer long to keep food from spoiling and drinks nice and cold…”you might ask yourself, “what possesses grown men and women to venture out in 33 degree below zero weather to cut chucks of ice out of a frozen lake?” for the owner of several sporting camps it’s, in the words of Hank Williams Jr. A family tradition”..Family is also a big reason why bob Cataan has created his little farm.. He says you may save a little money raising your own food—once you make the initial investment for animals and equipment–but that’s not the reason he does it… He does it for his family. “do you like having animals at your house?””yeah” “why?” it’s so fun”.. they have more respect when they go to eat their dinner. At night they know what went into it from the beginning to the end. So when you leave extra you’re leaving all the extra work you did. And if there is anything extra, nothing gets wasted. It goes right back”…Just like out ancestors did … they didn’t have a choice. If you have an opportunity it’s a great way to show your kids how farm life is or how animals are and how to take care of them. Teach them some responsibility. It’s kinda a growing experience.