Too Early for Spring Fever? 

Spring officially begins on March 20th. That’s more than a week away, but a nice day like today, makes some folks dream of warmer weather, and if you look hard enough there are signs of spring all around.So there are still piles of snow, and the Penobscot is still frozen, but listen closely.That’s the sound of melting, and if you head over to the Kenduskeag, it’s not so icey, the water’s flowing. Add in the sun shining, birds chirping and the mud.”Yeah, the mud, the mud in my dogs paws.”It was enough to give some folks the first dose of spring fever.”Lovely, I’m loving it.””It’s amazing, beautiful, sunny, not what we expected.”Catherine and Tom Floyd are visiting from Seattle, they think this weather is so great, they’re not even wearing jackets.And near the Bangor waterfront, we found some folks making use of the picnic tables, even though they’re still surrounded by snow.”That’s a little different but if you just stay inside you get older and older, you’ve got to get and and live and be.”Even frolicking in the white stuff feels better these days. It makes folks feel a little more optimistic that warmer days are not too far away.”We’re on the verge of spring””I’m definitely feeling like rolling down the windows, opening the windows in the house and getting some air in there now.”But one nice day is not enough to convince some folks.”what do you think of the weather? Need more of it.”And any Mainer knows, Mother Nature is bound to send us a little more wintry weather.”I just know it’s gonna get colder, it’s still only March.”