Three Story House 

While you may think making a dollhouse is kidsplay, there are a couple of local ladies who would disagree.Miniaturist Ginger Graham and retired elementary school teacher, Jane Dopheide have been working on the “three story house” for nine years.The dollhouse was inspired by the stories and illustrations of Maine author, Barbara Cooney.The house features rooms from the stories, “Mrs. Rumphius”, “Emma” and “Island Boy”.The duo showed off some of their techniques, at a special talk Tuesday, at the Bangor Public Library.That’s where the house has been on display since February.The women say they still have a few finishing touches they’d like to add to the house, and that’s it’s been a fun challenge to create such a detailed miniature.There are cluster flies in the corner of one window, a mouse hole in the kitchen and even a miniature portrait of Cooney in the house.They debuted the house at one of the author’s favorite libraries, in Damriscotta, and when it’s finished it’s stay at the Bangor Public Library, the women say they’d like to take the house on a school tour.