Kids Count 

Maine KIDS COUNT, a project of the Maine Children’s Alliance, is part of the national KIDS COUNT network, a state-by-state effort funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation to track the status of children across the United States. The major goal of the Maine KIDS COUNT project is to provide policymakers and citizens with meaningful, reliable, timely data regarding the well-being of children in Maine. The principal activity of the Maine KIDS COUNT Project is the publication of the annual Maine KIDS COUNT Data Book, now in its thirteenth edition. The Maine KIDS COUNT Data Book reports a wide variety of indicators of children’s health and well-being including physical and mental health, education and learning, and the social and economic contexts of children’s lives. We group a variety of indicators under each of these three broad headings in order to provide a framework for reporting and considering the data. In addition, the narrative that accompanies the data highlights and explains positive indicators, trends, and areas of concern. The indicators reported in the KIDS COUNT Data Book have all met the following criteria for inclusion: the indicator must be from a reliable source the indicator must be available and consistent over time the indicator must be easily understandable to the public the indicator must reflect an important outcome or measure of children’s well-being the indicators, as a group, should represent children of all ages, with age-appropriate measures from birth through adolescence The Maine KIDS COUNT Project seeks to enrich local and state discussions concerning ways to secure better futures for all of Maine’s children. If you have any questions about the project or any of our data, please call at (207) 623-1868, or visit content courtesy of Maine Children’s Alliance.