The history of Husson–Part 2 

From it’s beginnings as a business school, to it’s recent change from college to University, s lot has been happening at Husson.There’s been a lot of change at Husson, since it’s start in 1898, and with a new construction, the addition of new schools, and an increase in enrollment, things are looking bright for Bangor’s newest Universtiy.”We’ve always been true to being a professional school, but we’ve evolved beyond the original business and nursing roots.” A lot has changed at Husson, since its early beginnings as a simple business school.”Last spring we hooded our first doctoral graduate students at graduation. This last fall we had, for the first time, over 3,000 students in our entire University system.” Starting as a business school located on the second floor of a building in downtown Bangor, Husson has grown, adding to it, schools of health, education, science and humanities, and pharmacy.Add in the New England School of Communications, and the Bangor Theological Seminary, which share space on Husson’s campus, those are just some of the reasons Husson has been forced to expand a little bit.”What we’ve done is used additive architecture to add those buildings with the Swan Fitness Center and the Campus Center. We’ve added a Center for Family Business and then we added a Health building, Which is really the O’Donnell Commons. And then, most recently, we’ve added the large, what we call meeting house, which is really a center part of the campus.” “In just the three years I’ve been full time faculty, its been amazing to watch all the changes is buildings and programs and it’s just been exciting to be here.” Assistant nursing professor, Laurie Eddy, says one of the biggest changes she’s seen at Husson, happened last October, when the college converted in to a university. A change that reflected the growth of the campus, and the addition of more graduate and doctoral programs.”It used to be called Husson High, and now I really do feel it’s a University.” “It’s a very exciting time here at Husson. A lot of changes going on. Of course, Pharmacy is one of those, and there are other programs being brought in and considered.” “We direct our programs, very much by what the demand is, and there’s a real shortage of pharmacists out in rural Maine, so we’re moving in to the pharmacy program. Same this as law, that’s next on our list.” “Husson’s changed a lot, since I first started here.” Even students like Christopher Stevenson and Christie Poulin have seen changes to the institution.”It just keeps growing and growing, there’s gonna be more majors, especially with this new building. I can just see things keep growing. I am sure they’re gonna tear down the woods behind the school, just to build more buildings to accommodate all the students.” “The way its evolved, I guess, from such a small, really small school, to a University now, which is a dramatic change.” While a lot has changed at Husson, one thing has remained.”We take pride that we’re not just in Maine, but of Maine. The vast majority of our students are from Maine, but now we’re really beginning to say, how can we help create a rising tide in this state?” We certainly look forward to seeing what will become of Husson University.