The history of Husson–Part 1 

For over a century, Husson has been helping students achieve their educational goals and get their start in life.But just how did the school get its start?”Husson was a professional school from its origins back in 1898.”It started as the Shaw Business School, on the second floor of a building in downtown Bangor.The first thirty years, the school changed hands a few times, and merged with the Bangor Hospital School of Nursing.During the depression, Chesley Husson became principal of the school, which was then called the Bangor School of Commerce.”My father probably gained control of it, I think, in 1935….and then the name change took place in 1947. It became Husson College.”During that time, many schools across the state ran into financial issues, and ended up closing.But Husson managed to stay afloat.Eventually, at quite a personal expense, Husson turned into a non-profit, to keep it from ever being dissolved.”He wanted it to survive because he knew it was important, an important part of the state. It gave a lot of young men and young women an opportunity to be something.””He was able to build this campus, at least the central part, before he passed away.””There was a perfect circle, College Circle, we still have it. And there was a very geometric campus. We had beautiful buildings that were built in the 1960’s. Three residence halls, a dining commons and Peabody Hall, where most of the classes were taught. And the Newman Gymnasium.”A bigger campus brought new schools under the Husson banner.”We merged with the New England School of Communications in the 1990’s. And two years ago, we got involved in a little boat school down in Eastport.””It’s that kind of dynamic, entrepreneurial, innovative quality that I think has given Husson a lot of vitality.”The folks at Husson say they’ve been able to survive, partly because of the school’s intimate nature.”It’s small, its personal, you know your kids, your students in your classroom. You know their names, which isn’t always the case in big schools. You get the help you need. And, with any experience, it’s what you make of it.””It doesn’t have the layers of bureaucracy that I’ve seen at other universities, so you can get things done quickly.””Our motto is humility in character, and except on the sports field, where it’s pretty hard to be humble, we try to prove ourselves by our actions, and so that’s what I hope we keep right on doing.””We’re engaged in the state, and I think as long as we can be a catalyst for change, for economic development, for social development, that’s awfully important to us.”>Now that we’ve learned a bit about Husson’s history, it’s time to take a look at the future of the University.Next, we’ll hear about some of the changes planned for Husson and the reason behind the recent name change.