Authorities still looking for suspects in the murder of Trevor Sprague 

It’s been three years since a homeless man’s body was found burned under the Harlow Street bridge in Bangor.And police say they are still actively looking for the individuals responsible for Trevor Sprague’s death.Cori Skall has the update.”It’s still active, and we are actively pursuing tips. We still get tips on a regular basis, and we follow those up.”It’s been 3 years since authorities discovered the burning body of a 34-year old homeless man underneath a bridge in Bangor.And police are still not releasing many details surrounding the incident.”We don’t obviously release all of the particulars of a case because there are certain things that only the person that is responsible for this crime would know.”And while police have classified Trevor Sprague’s death a homicide, they have yet to make an arrest in the case.”You want to get something within 25 hours. After that time, things start to….you get worried. Things start to get a little stale, and you know, sometimes a little over 24, 48 or 72 hours, that’s one thing. But, like you said, when you start getting now in to years, we don’t like that.”But Sgt. Paul Edwards says, because there is no statute of limitations on murder, the case remains open, and a priority for authorities.”We’ll never forget the case. It will always be open. So, for the family, they have nothing to worry about, as far as that’s concerned. It will always be actively pursued…until it’s concluded.””Our ducks are in a row, so to speak. Now it’s just time to continue to work those leads, and continue investigating and solve the case.”Edwards says even though three years have passed, there may still be someone out there with information about the Sprague case.He urges folks who know anything, even if it’s just a rumor, to contact the Bangor Police Department.They even can do so anonymously.”We want to prove to the state and to this family, that we can conclude this crime successfully.”Cori Skall, Wabi TV 5 news.Again, police are asking anyone with information regarding the Trevor Sprague case, to contact them at 947-7384.