Multiples in Maine Part 2 

Continued from part one.Bringing home a new baby can be one of the most challenging experiences a parent can face, but what happens when the crib is filled with two, even three babies – all at once?That’s the case for more parents in Maine, thanks to an increase in multiple births.New twin mom Catherine Pegram has the second part of her seriesMy husband, Jeff, and I already know we’ll have our hands full with two newborn girls – just how full is the question. I sought the advice of some experienced multiple moms for answers.”My mom got us a stroller – it’s a jogging stroller”Crystal Stanley of Medway can’t wait to give birth to twins – she already knows the joy of being a mom of multiples. Her and her Husband Joel’s first set of twins is a year-and-a-half old.”I was a surprised – I was very surprised. My husband was just tickled as could be. I was a little in shock… We didn’t really expect twins.”Hannah and Hailey were born IN October of 2007. A few months later, Stanley was pregnant, again.”When we got into the office, our doctor said I’ll tell you this right now. It’s probably not twins this time … Sure… Got it up on the screen and he goes oh my word, there’s two more. Then he was looking for a third – he thought it was pretty funny.”Both sets of Stanley twins were conceived naturally.Their parents say they’ve learned a lot along the way.”We were just very laid back – we didn’t get worked up about anything. It seemed to help them, because they can sense it.””And another thing we found is they gotta cry a little. It helped them. And some people don’t like to hear them cry but with two, you just have so many hands.”For Courtney and Donald Lacadie, the third time’s the charm when it comes to raising their daughters.Madison, Grace, and Kacie will turn four years old in April.The identical triplets – all from the same egg – were born in 2005, 10-weeks early.”Madison’s like my little helper, keeping the girls in line. Kacie is like our wild child – I say AHHHHH – Grace … I think she’s our tom boy, good one, yeah. Hahaha!”The Lacadies learned quickly they couldn’t raise their girls without support from family and friends – advice they’d share with other parents of multiples.”There’s help out there – families are more than willing to watch them for us. And just to have patience, with everyday things. There’s going to be good days and there’s going to be bad days. But it’s fun.”Like the Lacadies, the Stanleys say they love watching their daughters grow up together. A thrill they’ll soon share with with their second set of twins, and it may not stop there.”We joke about it now because we didn’t think the chances of having another set were very now we kind of laugh – because if we get pregnant again who knows – another set.”Catherine interviewed Crystal Stanley about a month ago, since then, we’re happy to say she’s given birth to her son and daughter, Joel III and Johanna Belle.