Community members read to school kids in Milford…. 

Students in Milford spent the day using their imaginations, as folks from the community took time to read aloud.”To me, it’s such a wonderful thing to do. I mean, it brings the community in, we get all the people to come. And I try to always get somebody extra special, each year, so they can have somebody different then they’ve had before.”The *community reads day* has been going on at the Lewis S. Libby school, for many years.Mary Rustin has been organizing the event for the last eight.”Every single grade from Kindergarten right straight through till the eighth grade.””what we kind of do is try to put it similarly to what they’re kind of working on, maybe…with the little grades, just something that will be exciting for them, cause that’s where the fun is.”Cori Skall had the pleasure of reading to Mrs. Lovejoy’s first grade class.”The name of the book we’re gonna read today is called *Space Boy*!””The moon shined bright as Nicholas got ready for bed.””He packed 2 cheese and tomato sandwiches, one bottle of water, and a bunch of grapes and a cookie. He fit the food nicely in to his lunchbox, along with a napkin.””Then Nicholas walked outside, in to his back yard, and climbed inside his rocket.””3, 2, 1, lift-off! He shouted.””Below, he could see this noisy planet slowly fall away.”The students listened eagerly, then we took some time to talk about the book.”It was about outer space!””What was space boy supposed to be doing? Sleeping.””What did he do to get ready? Put on his space hat, space boots, and his space helmet.””What did space boy do when he got to the moon? He was eating and his tomatoes went floating away.””I think its mostly getting people to come in and kids to see that other people are interested…..of course we care about what kids do in school, they’re our future.””The end.”If you’d like to get involved with the next “community reads day”, you can contact the school at 827-2252.