Graduates Guaranteed a Job in Tough Economy 

You’re hired, guaranteed! That’s right-students who graduate from Thomas with a bachelor’s in arts or sciences are eligible for the Guaranteed Job Placement Program, which guarantees you a job in your field of study. The Guaranteed Job Placement program (or G-Job) is the only one of its kind in the nation. No other college or university in America offers this type of job placement guarantee. If you don’t secure employment in your field of study within six months after graduation, you can come back to Thomas to take more classes or we’ll pay the monthly federally subsidized student loans that you incurred while attending Thomas College for up to one year or until you get a job.If you are employed within six months following graduation, but the position is not within your field of study (for whatever reason), you may take an unlimited number of tuition-free undergraduate courses for up to two years or up to six tuition-free graduate courses at Thomas while working toward an M.B.A. degree.To learn more about G-Job visit*Content courtesy: Thomas College