Fire officials say to check your chimney…. 

Spring is just over two weeks away but it will be quite a while before we can turn off the heat in our homes.So the Bangor Fire Department wants to remind those who use their chimneys to check them..especially now.”Anytime, you know, a person has a fire going in a wood stove or a wood fireplace, it will produce creosote.”Bangor Fire Department’s Public Education Officer, Jake Johnson, says, while Spring seems to be right around the corner, folks should be checking on their chimneys.”As we start to get warmer, what happens is people start to have smaller fire or run cooler types of fires….they’re not really cranking out the fire…and what happens is that tends to build up more creosote faster in the fall and in the spring.”Johnson says creosote build up can often cause problems.”If you have a chimney fire in there, it can build up enough heat, and it can have different sparks and stuff, and the heat can radiate out to surrounding wood supports.””Most of the time, chimney fires are contained to the chimney…because most people, when they start to see the flames shooting up through the roof, they start to hear it…it sounds like a train coming through the living room, they get alarmed and they call the fire department and we’re able to put it out rather quickly.”Johnson says there are very easy ways to prevent chimney fires:Burn well seasoned wood, check your chimney’s creosote build up often. And…”It’s real simple, with wood stoves and fireplaces, its simply just cleaning out the chimney. And you can do that one of two ways…you can hire an actual certified chimney sweep, and you can find those in the yellow pages or an internet search, or you can even do it yourself. A lot of hardware stores have chimney brushes.”And don’t forget to have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home.