Federal Funds Could Mean More Buses in Bangor 

Maine’s public transit system is the next in line to benefit from President Obama’s federal stimulus package.At least a dozen full-sized buses have been approved for purchase to replace aging vehicles already on the road.Three of them are slated for the city of Bangor.B.A.T. bus supervisor Joe McNeil says they’ve been working with state delegates, as well as the Department of Transportation for the last several months.A meeting is scheduled for Tuesday to approve the type of vehicles. And next week Bangor and several other cities will start taking bids.McNeil says each new bus costs around $400,000. “The stimulus buses are 100% federally funded. Prior to that, using formula funding, we used to have to come up with somewhere between 10 and 15% of the cost of the vehicle.”Orono is also benefiting from the federal dollars.Two of these shuttle buses will be purchased and used to transport people between the city and the University of Maine.