Father of Missing Child Speaks Out 

Losing a child is every parent’s worst nightmare, but having your kid taken from bed in the middle of the night, holds a whole new level of terror.A four year old Farmington boy is back with his family today, but they will not soon forget the horror they felt when, they say, he was taken from his father’s home by his mother.It’s a story book ending for four year old Zion, but it’s been a horrific tale.”3:35 in the morning I got a call, a 911 call about a burglury in progress and a possible child abduction.” says David Galvan, a Farmington Police Officer.Mike Lawrence, Zion’s father, says, “I heard a noise and I thought my son was going potty.. all of a sudden I came out of my bedroom and I saw his bedroom door shut, and then at the top of my stairs I look down and see a dark figure on my stairs and I went to go hit the light… the man lunged towards me.”Lawrence struggled with the man, but he made his way into Zion’s room.He says, “He grabbed my son by the neck, pulled him out of the bedroom I had him by the back, I was pulling on him trying to get him off my kid. When he got to the head of the stairs he just tossed my son down the stairs.”The two fought their way down the stairs and eventually out the front door, where Jennifer Woodbury, Zion’s mother, and Nicole Lamphere, a friend of Woodbury’s, were waiting.There was a long struggle outside, but they were able to get Zion into the car that was parked here… then they sped off out of the parking lot.”My girlfriend was lucky enough she picked back up the phone … Got on and read the licence plate number as they peeled off.” says Lawrence.The search for Zion began and lasted through the day.Lawrence says, “It was the most horrifying thing in my life I’ve ever been through.”The boy was eventually found at Indian Ridge in Skowhegan. “It was a collaboration between law enforcement and just other people who cared about a four year old’s well being.” says Lawrence.Lawrence says Woodbury has problems with drugs and alcohol and has been absent from Zion’s life. He goes on to say, “I know she doesn’t have his best interests in mind.”He believes she was planning to drive to Florida with the boy. Zion is now home with his dad – happy, healthy, and safe.”He’s just, my life. I live to be a father for him.””‘Are you happy to be home?’ ‘ya'” says Zion.Jennifer Woodbury and Joseph Magee have been arrested for the alledged abduction, they are behind bars right now at somerset county jail.At this time authorities are still looking for Nicole Lamphere, there are warrants for her arrest.