Bangor Fire Department is breaking in their new truck…. 

The Bangor Fire Department has been putting their brand new ladder truck to work.They got the truck about three months ago, and have been working hard to equip it with all the tools it needs.The 2008 Pierce Velocity is a little different from their old truck, in that the ladder is slightly shorter, so they could put a pump on the top of it.Firefighters tell us it also handles better and moves a little faster than the old unit.Assistant Fire Chief, Scott Bostock, say there are better safety features on this truck, including airbags and rollover protection.The truck was put into service last week..already it’s been sent to two fires.”We are running one engine company out of Central now, whereas a couple of years ago, we were running two. What that means for us is, if the engine company is out on a call, and we have a care fire, let’s say, out on Main St., we don’t have to bring an engine company from across town. We’ll ve able to send this truck out and put that type of fire out.”Bostock says the department wasn’t due to get a new truck until next year but was able to get grants to fund it, so city council let them buy it early.The Bangor Fire Department has twenty trucks in its fleet.