Tow Plow 

There’s a new plow on the road that’s turning heads while removing snow.It was sent to Bangor to make it’s maiden voyage on the interstate.We went along for the test run.This truck has drivers dazzled … It plows… It salts… And it swivels with the greatest of ease.”It’s a trailer that offsets behind the truck, the wheels on the trailer actually turn out and it’ll go out about 30 degrees.” Says Randy Gray, Region Superintendent for the D.O.T.The trailer has a wing that’s about 30 feet long, and combined with the front plow it will clear a 24 foot path. A traditional plow will only clear about 14 feet… Saving time and fuel.”It will make my job easier because we’re doing less passes.” Says Tony Ramsdell. He’s the first in Maine to drive one of these monster plows. He goes on to say, “When they first told me I’d be operating this I thought they were kinda crazy.”He’s been using the tow plow to clear route 9. He let TV5 ride along for it’s first trip down the interstate. He says people don’t know quite what to make of this giant plow.”They’ll see that swing out and it kinda scares them a little bit, they don’t know what going on for the first few minutes, and then they kinda stick out there for a while to see what happening and then after that usually they’ll go by, I’ve got a few thumbs up.”Ramsdell says driving the plow is easy. He controls everything with just the push of a lever.”This one right here is your up and down for the tow plow.”He says it may look scary but it’s actually safer than the traditional plows. “You’re not swerving in and out with the truck, your just swerving the snow plow, the wheels turn and that’s taking care of everything, you’re pretty much safer going down the road.”They’re still testing the tow plows around this area, and each one costs 50-60 thousand dollars. But the D.O.T. says if all goes well, they may consider investing for next winter.