Staying Strong in a Weak Economy 

It looks like some people who made resolutions this year to hit the gym are doing just that. We checked in with folks at a couple gyms in Bangor Monday who told us they’re doing well, and despite the economy – or maybe because of it – business is up.”The resolution,” says Gold’s Gym member Rob Jarvis, “was to get back in better shape.”Those who some gym owners call “New-Year’s resolutioners” seem to be sticking with it this year.”I’ve been here for ten years and it seems like every year they seem to stay a little longer,” says Gold’s Gym Manager Paige Raymond. And, she says the weak economy might be keeping their business strong.”I’m attributing a lot of it to the fact that we’re going through a really stressful time, economy-wise, so this is an inexpensive way to keep yourself from going crazy,” she says.Across town at Union Street Athletics, Roger Haller agrees.”Because they stick with it now. Before it was ‘Oh, I’ll try it,’ but they see it’s a necessity.”And some gym members say it’s a necessary cost, even in these tough times.”When you really think about it, 30 bucks a month, 35 is what we pay, and to tell you the truth, it’s one of the cheapest hobbies you can have,” says Union Street Athletics member Eric Zammitt.”Everybody here is really supportive, really helpful,” says member Dave Dauphinee, “so it just makes it easy to want to come in. Once you get into the rhythm you don’t want to break the rhythm.””We talked with the members and they’re concerned, and we have had some that drop off, but for the most part they’ve stuck with it,” Haller says.If, for nothing else, to chase away those winter blues.”Winter is shown to mess with your psyche if you don’t get enough exercise, so it’s a good way to combat that,” says Gold’s Gym member Kasie Richards.”It’s going pretty good,” says Gold’s member Jarvis, “It’s pretty painful but that’s what I get for waiting so long I guess.”