Riding Out the Storm 

MANY OF US DREAD DRIVING TO WORK IN SNOWY WEATHER LIKE WE HAD TODAY.IMAGINE WHAT IT’S LIKE, IF YOU DRIVE FOR A LIVING.JOY HOLLOWELL HOPPED ABOARD A BAT BUS TODAY, TO SEE HOW THE DRIVERS WEATHER THE STORM.—————-“People really do rely on public transit here. We transport upwards of 3,000 people day on a normal day. There’s a different group of people that will ride on a day like today, that would normally take their own vehicle and feel more comfortable leaving the driving to us.”BUS SUPERINTENDENT JOE MCNEIL ADMITS, THAT’S A LOT OF PRESSURE ON HIS DRIVERS. “Gerow cleaning off windshield wipers”BUT FOR CARL GEROW, ITS ALL PART OF THE JOB.”I don’t mind it. I’ve lived in the winters in Maine all my life.””bus pulling up to stop”GEROW IS GOING ON SEVEN YEARS AS A BUS OPERATOR FOR THE BAT SYSTEM. HE’S DRIVEN THROUGH A LOT OF SNOW STORMS, AND SAYS THIS ONE RANKS RIGHT UP THERE.”This is good, this is as good as the others are.”THE BAT SYSTEM HAS BEEN DELAYED TWO TIMES SO FAR THIS YEAR BY SNOW…LAST YEAR, THERE WERE ALSO A FEW DELAYS. BUT IT’S BEEN ALMOST THREE YEARS SINCE MOTHER NATURE FORCED THE BUSES TO STOP ALTOGETHER.”There’s a high level of reliability that they expect from us, and whenever possible, we try to get out and operate.””thank you, your welcome.”JOY HOLLOWELL, WABI TV 5 NEWS, BANGOR.