Posted Roads 

Warming temperatures duing the day and frost in the roads has made some unable to handle heavy loads. The city of Brewer has posted these roads. Postings usually last from February 15 to April 30. The roads to be posted are:DAY ROAD – 1 sign on the Day Road at North Main StreetLAMBERT ROAD – 1 sign on the Lambert Road at the Holden town line.EASTERN AVE. – 2 signs Eastern Ave. @ Chamberlain St. and the Holden linePIERCE ROAD – 1 sign on Pierce Road at Wilson St.PARKWAY NORTH – 1 sign at Parkway North & North Main St.CHAPMAN STREET – 1 sign on Chapman St. @ North Main St.SILK STREET – 1 sign at Silk & Washington Sts. towards Parkway NorthWASHINGTON ST.–1 sign at Washington & Silk Sts. towards Parkwy No.BROADLAWN DR. – 1 sign on Broadlawn Dr. at North Main St.HILLCREST DR. – 1 sign on Hillcrest Dr. at North Main St.GETTYSBURG AVE. – 1 sign at Gettysburg Ave. & North Main St.HILLSIDE BLVD. – 1 sign at Hillside Blvd. & North Main St.ARLINGTON AVE. – 1 sign at Arlington Ave. & North Main St.WISWELL ROAD – 2 sign on Wiswell Rd @ Green Point Rd. & Town line GREENWOOD DR. – 1 sign on Greenwood Dr. at Parkway SouthROBIN HOOD DR. – 1 sign on Robin Hood Dr. at Parkway SouthEDGEWOOD DR. – 1 sign on Edgewood Dr. at Parkway SouthSUNSET STRIP – 1 sign on Sunset Strip at Parkway SouthCOVE STREET – 1 sign on north end of Cove Street @ South Main St.Posted roads may be traveled by vehicles weighing more than 23,000 pounds if the city engineer has signed a permit.